Blues Guitarist

James 'Buddy' Rogers

JBR's blues music has been nominated for a variety of awards over the past decade including a Canadian JUNO Award.

What we do

If you want to categorize it, call it Blues Music!

There are a variety of blues music styles from Robert Johnson traditional, amplified 40s and 50s traditional all the way to today's more contemporary & indie blues. Whatever you classify a specific sound as, this band classifies their sound as simply, BLUES. 

Blues are the roots, the rest are the fruits!

Cover Songs

JBR plays a variety of blues cover songs and changes them up in a variety of ways to make them his own with his own sound

Original Songs

JBR writes and records his own original tunes. These originals have garnered him a variety of award nominations over the years

Co-write Songs

From time to time JBR writes and records music with his musical colleagues. His JUNO nominated album was co-writes with Tom Lavin

Live Shows


Solo & duo acts are becoming more popular these days. On special request and a gig by gig basis JBR can put together a duo act.

Trio Band

Typically JBR performs as a trio. This means JBR on guitar & vocals with a bass player and drummer to total 3 musicians on stage.

4 Piece Band

When festival or venue budgets allow, we will bring on a fourth band member. This is typically a keyboard player. On occasion it can be a harp player, sax player or even second guitar player.

5 or more members

There are times where JBR will put together or perform with larger bands. Typically this happens during fundraiseing events, jam sessions or other special events with a variety of artists and limited stage time.

why we do it

It's in our blood!

JBR has been playing guitar since the age of 11. He has been playing in blues clubs since the age of 13 and began touring at age 15.

For over 30 years now JBR has played shows all over North America and parts of Europe.

Guitar Lessons

Interested in a learning blues guitar? There are two courses available.

Beginners Course & Intermediate / Advanced Course


What they say

BillieBoy Lucas 

CHLY 101.7FM

“Tone to the bone and phrasing from Blues heaven, James “Buddy” Rogers delivers with a sweet voice and a big bounce!”

Tom Lavin Powder Blues Band

Tom Lavin


“If I wasn’t a huge fan I’d have never produced his album. Buddy’s blues guitar ranks with the very best.”